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When it comes to brakes, there is more than just pad and rotors. There are many components that are involved, from cables, brake lines and cylinders. We work with the majority of brake systems for the simple (older cars) to complex systems (high end cars and super cars). Why trust a shop that only knows how to slap on pads? We can do the complete package right the first time. We do everything; Brake relining, caliper swaps or rebuild, upgrades, fluid changes as some examples.


You should never wait until your brakes start to make noise to get them inspected or serviced. Allowing your brake pads or shoes to wear excessively will cause damage to your rotors or drums and possibly your calipers and other brake components. Brake service performed at the proper time can save the additional cost of rotors and calipers. Please stop by and see Sam for a free inspection and estimate today! It is always best to call Sam first to make sure you are attended to promptly. Sam understands that your time is valuable, making an appointment is recommended.